Some people say they found her on the dance floor, lover by her side and a martini in her hand. Nobody from the Vegas of the past remains to tell us who she used to be, but for now they call her Ashley Vegas.

I'm mildly wild, esoteric, and hopelessly in love with the chase of the night.

Painting is my way of making the world just a little more surreal, divine, and hyperreal. When I paint, I want others to remember passionate memories and hidden secrets of dance floors the world over. And when my pieces go to new homes, it's my hope that my memories go along with it and inspire others to live life just a little more glamorously.

Miami, Ibiza, Vegas, New York.
Put your drinks up.
I’ve got these crocodile tears for you. 
  1. I’ve got these crocodile tears for you. 

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